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Jade Woman Herbals And Jade Man Herbals
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Introducing Jade Woman Herbals and Jade Man Herbals

By Jane Lyttleton

We live in interesting times. In no other period of history has there been such rapid change in the world in which we live, and the way we live as communities, and as individuals. The impact of these changes on our bodies and minds is profound. The freedom of choice for example that many women in the Western world now enjoy over their lives in general, and their reproductive lives in particular, is a positive thing. Certainly the lack of choice in this domain was historically blamed for many women's health disorders in China.

Change itself requires adaptation and adjustment, and this is something we are asking of our bodies and minds constantly. We see some of the negative consequences of rapid change when we are unable to adapt quickly enough to environmental and lifestyle changes. In our reproductive systems this has manifested as a sharp decline in the quality and number of sperm, in the rising number of couples experiencing infertility and in the increasing incidence of gynecological conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome and endometriosis.

We need to make a special effort to maintain and optimize the function of our reproductive systems in a world of environmental pollution, massive exposure to radiation from computers, mobile phones and other sources, contaminated foods, reduced hours of sleep, irregular routines and elevated levels of stress. We can help to do this by getting adequate sleep, good nutrition, engaging in regular exercise and getting a balance of mental and social stimulation, and relaxation. Maintaining or restoring the vitality of the sex organs and maintaining optimal hormone levels is another way we can support the function of our reproductive systems even when it's difficult to control all of the lifestyle factors. The Kan range of women's (and men's) reproductive health formulas helps to do this.

Kan's Jade Woman Herbals is a range of formulas that has been developed by Jane Lyttleton (author of "The treatment of Infertility with Chinese Medicine", published by Churchill Livingstone). This range represents a distillation of more than three decades of her experience working in women's health issues using Chinese Medicine in a Western setting.

Creating formulas which can be used "off the shelf" presents a challenge for a practitioner trained in the unique and strictly individualized style of treatment that is Chinese Medicine. However after many years of observing patterns of clinical presentation and evaluating reactions to treatment, there are certain responses to specific methods that she has found to be consistent. It is those methods that have been encapsulated in the Jade Woman Herbals range.

The foundation of these methods, and therefore the basis of the Jade Women Herbals, is in most cases, tested and tried formulas designed by masters of Chinese Medicine and proven over centuries. In some cases, it is the result of recent clinical trials in China that has guided the construction of a Jade Woman formula. Jane has then shaped the formulas to take into account the many factors that are particularly relevant to the sorts of people Chinese Medicine practitioners encounter in Western or city settings.

The way the formulas of the Jade Woman Herbals range have been created reflect an evolution from the traditional use of Chinese Medicine towards an integrative approach which includes, not only classical wisdom, but also takes into account modern knowledge and modern experience.

The Jade Woman (and her husband) formulas have been designed for use by busy practitioners with busy patients. Chinese Medicine practitioners working in modern cities see many middle class educated individuals with very stressful and demanding lives and high expectations of achieving what they set their minds to. When these patients fail to conceive on schedule, or fail to overcome a pathological condition, it adds to their stress considerably. Chinese herbs given in a convenient and easy to take form, means that these individuals will be able to persist in taking the formulas in the long term. For many, it will be necessary to continue administration of the herbal formula for several months. It is our hope that this range of formulas is found to be a good ally in the quest for maintaining and supporting healthy menstrual cycles and fertility. For many of these gynecological conditions it will be necessary to continue administration of the herbal formula for several months. The same applies to the treatment of male infertility.

Some of the Kan Jade Woman formulas follow the Yellow Emperor's advice to use herbs as we would use soldiers in a battle. They employ strategies and tactics to dislodge or transform different pathogens or pathologies. This will be our ambit where there is a pathogen to be removed or transformed as in the treatment of endometriosis, fibroids, some cases of polycystic ovarian syndrome and other gynecological conditions. But with other herbal treatments we are providing allies to support and bolster normal physiology rather than soldiers to attack. This is especially the case with treatment of functional infertility that closely follows the natural functionsof the ovaries, testes and other parts of the reproductive system, maximizing and harmonizing the natural functions.

With the right combination of feasible lifestyle changes and the help of Jade Woman (and Man) formulas it is hoped that patients having difficulty conceiving will achieve success and those suffering from gynecological conditions will find relief.


Supporting Fertility through Ancient Wisdom and Modern Knowledge

Efrem Korngold, L.Ac., O.M.D. and Harriet Beinfield, L.Ac.

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