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Chinese Modular Solutions Formulators:
Efrem Korngold, LAc, OMD and Harriet Beinfield LAc

Pioneers in the practice of Chinese Herbology as educators and practitioners for more than 30 years, these formulators are co-authors of the best-selling Between Heaven and Earth, as well as many articles.

Chinese Modular Solutions: Chinese Modular Solutions is an integrated and inventive system of 30 formulas that condenses the practice of traditional herbalism and enables practitioners to create personalized formulas in a form that is easy to use. Bypassing the need for familiarity with single herbs or classical formulas, Chinese Modular Solutions requires only the ability to identify patterns.
Sage Solutions: Sage Solutions are designed to address a diverse spectrum of specific patterns to support one’s wellbeing. Their properties and indications are easily understood. They are sage because they embody the wisdom of centuries, and they are solutions because they support health.
Gentle Warriors:

Gentle Warriors includes 16 herbal formulas – 11 general formulas and 5 Peacemakers formulas. All are mild tasting, low-alcohol, liquid extracts that are easy for children to swallow. Adults can and do benefit from them as well. They are available in appropriate potencies with enhanced flavor and lower alcohol content.

The Gentle Warriors formulas support the welfare of children, addressing many of the most common childhood disharmonies. The Gentle Warriors Peacemakers are constitutional formulas that nurture a child’s nature (Li), each child’s intrinsic organizing pattern.

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Chinese Modular Solutions
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Historical Roots of Chinese Modular Solutions
The Five Body Constituents
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Efrem Korngold, L.Ac., O.M.D. and Harriet Beinfield, L.Ac.

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