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Pin Yin Herb

Common Name

Shan zha tan

Charred Chinese hawthorn fruit

Shen qu

Medicated leaven (wheat, apricot seed)

Mu xiang

Saussurea root

Shi jun zi

Quisqualis fruit

Fu ling


Lian qiao

Forsythia fruit

Chen pi

Tangerine dried rind of mature fruit

Da huang

Chinese rhubarb rhizome and root

Jiang ban xia

Ginger cured pinellia rhizome

Lai fu zi

Radish seed

Chao zhi shi

Dry fried bitter orange immature fruit

Sha ren ren

Chinese amomum fruit

Chao zhi ke

Dry fried bitter orange mature fruit

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Chinese Modular Solutions
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Historical Roots of Chinese Modular Solutions
The Five Body Constituents
Efrem Korngold, L.Ac., O.M.D. and Harriet Beinfield, L.Ac.

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