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Pin Yin Herb

Common Name

Yi mu cao

Siberian motherwort herb

Chong wei zi

Chinese motherwort fruit

Shu di huang

Prepared rehmannia root

Dang gui shen

Dong quai root

Ze lan

Shiny bugleweed herb

Chuan xiong

Sichuan lovage rhizome

Zhi xiang fu

Prepared cyperus rhizome

Bai shao

White peony root

Cu san leng

Vinegar prepared sparganium rhizome

Mu dan pi

Tree peony root bark

Huang bai

Phellodendron bark

Mu xiang

Saussurea root

Bai zhu

White atractylodes rhizome

Wu zhu yu

Evodia fruit

Xiao hui xiang

Fennel fruit

Chai hu

Bupleurum root

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Chinese Modular Solutions
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Historical Roots of Chinese Modular Solutions
The Five Body Constituents
Efrem Korngold, L.Ac., O.M.D. and Harriet Beinfield, L.Ac.

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