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Chinese Herbal Products You Can Trust
Chinese Herbal Products You Can Trust
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Chinese Traditional Herbology embodies centuries of trial and refinement that have produced an ensemble of classic healing formulas. Formulated by Ted Kaptchuk, O.M.D., the author of “The Web That Has No Weaver,” Kan Herbals are the modern version of these ancient and enduring distributions, inspired by the herbal traditions of China. They are rooted in ancient wisdom while addressing the contemporary needs of Westerners.

Kan Herbals encompasses the principles of Traditional Chinese Herbology’s primary concern: to support harmony in the whole human being. Its scope embraces a total matrix of physical, mental, emotional, behavioral and spiritual reality. Kan Herbals reflects the essence of these five elements, and masterfully adapts these ancient traditions to support health and wellbeing.

Ted Kaptchuk, author of The Web That Has No Weaver, has written over one hundred scientific and medical articles. He holds appointments in prominent universities and is active in both scholarly and scientific research. He has served on the National Advisory Council of the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) at the National Institute of Health (NIH), and as an expert advisor for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), concerning acupuncture and placebo controls. Kaptchuk earned his doctorate in Oriental Medicine from the Macau Institute of Chinese Medicine in 1975.

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