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Chinese Herbal Products You Can Trust
Chinese Herbal Products You Can Trust
Kan Traditionals

Kan Traditionals
Kan Traditionals

Kan Traditionals, our largest line of classical Chinese Herbal formulas with 106 formulas to choose from, is a versatile grouping of formulas to support wellbeing and vitality. Our free formula guide has indexes that allow the practitioner to quickly assess which formula is preferred and to quickly differentiate formulas within a pattern grouping, such as is the case with our Index by Pattern and Formula. Our table of contents lists all formulas by their pinyin name for ease of use, and finally our Index by Formula and Pattern allows for a quick overview of all of our formulas and their corresponding patterns.

All Kan Traditionals formulas are produced from imported Chinese herbs at our manufacturing facilities under the same attention to details, quality, safety and efficacy that we are known for. At Kan, we assume responsibility at every stage of the manufacturing cycle, from the procurement of high quality herbal ingredients, to extensive testing and meticulous manufacturing. All Kan Traditionals formulas are free of colorings, pharmaceuticals, preservative or added sugars. The final product, tablet or extract is of remarkable character, enriched with the individual flavors and characteristics that the ancient herbal masters intended.

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