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The Advantages of Chinese Herbology for Animals


On the cutting edge, Traditional Chinese Herbology is emerging as an important tool for veterinarians. It is tailored to the individual animal, able to support their recuperative power, immunity and state of wellbeing. Herbs can supplement the animal's diet and fortify its constitution.

Chemically complex, Chinese herbs have nutritional as well as balancing properties. While pharmaceutical drugs can be taxing to the animal's kidney and liver, Chinese herbs may actually strengthen these organs as part of the process. Safe, effective and gently nurturing, Chinese herbs are easily assimilated. Rooted in over 23 centuries of Chinese herbal knowledge, Kan Herb Company's formulas can support the animal's health day to day, every day.

Traditional Chinese Formulas Combine Benefits

Chinese herbs are usually combined in formulas to enhance the herbs' individual properties and actions. Tonic formulas restore eroded body resources and support health and immunity; regulating formulas decongest the Qi, Moisture and Blood, relieving discomfort; purging formulas eliminate pathogenic influences. Symptoms and signs reflecting the particular conditions of each animal are matched with formulas providing the needed therapeutic effects. Our formulas fall into three general categories and have specific energetic actions:

Tonifying or supplementing formulas are used for patterns of weakness or deficiency. Deficiency patterns may be seen in any of the organ systems, especially the Spleen, Lung or Kidney, with patterns such as fatigue, poor digestion, low immunity and incontinence.

Harmonizing formulas restore balance and equanimity within organ systems, such as Spleen and Stomach, restoring digestive balances, or between organ systems such as Liver and Spleen.

Clearing and purging formulas dispel excess stagnation of a bodily substance. These formulas are for very specific patterns, such as Wind Heat invasion, Heat, Blood stasis, excess Dampness or Heat.

Kan Herb Company provides you with over 200 different, highly efficacious Chinese herbal formulas, manufactured in the United States from imported Chinese herbs and available in either tablets or liquid extracts. Our formulas reflect both Traditional Chinese Herbology pattern diagnosis and Five Element theory. They range from traditional Chinese classic and patent formulas to creative adaptations of ancient Chinese herbal formulas.

Supporting animal health and well-being the gentle, natural way.

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The Advantages of Chinese Herbal Medicine for Animals
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